Is there a way to get the "noise" of the terrain water?

I’m trying to get the y-size of the terrain water wave size in a certain location, but idk if there’s a way to.

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Yes, you can, you can get the WaterWaveSize by going thru the Terrain instance properties:


sorry, I ment to get the size of the wave in a certain location

I don’t think so, WaterWaveSize has only one unit vector, the property only sets the height. Just calling WaterWaveSize should be returning the Y axis for every water terrain in the game globally, I don’t think the wave sizes should go higher than the WaterWaveSize

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You can try manually measuring the height with a part and see how tall the wave is with the part height. Though that obviously likely won’t be 100% accurate.

It can get a bit buggy but I was apart of a forum post that had solved this issue, took a bit to find it again but I’ve managed to get the link to it. Hope this helps :slight_smile: