Is there a way to get the universe ID through place ID without it being outdated?

Hello! I am trying to make a script that shows people other random games that has a visit count over 100. However I cannot seem to find a way to get the universe ID through the place ID without it being outdated. Can someone help me please?

What exactly have you tried that’s returning an outdated universeId?

Have you tried:!/Games/get_v1_games_multiget_place_details

Bear in mind that doing this through the Roblox platform requires a proxy server, since you can’t send requests directly to the roblox’s domain

Well, currently ive tried, rproxy which is down. The only proxy that I’ve seen works for games is roproxy. Also im new to using api’s and all that stuff. Im a bit confused by not being able to send requests directly to the roblox domain

I meant that you can’t send requests to any page with a domain name ending in or is exactly, which is roblox’s domain, through the roblox player client and studio - this is why we use middlemen servers, aka proxies, that will forward the requests we made from the player client and studio to roblox and back

There are free proxy servers available, like, but are discouraged to use as explained in this post. Instead:

  • You can host your own web server: You can forward requests straight or use a wrapper library for roblox’s web api. This post might help, but there are other resources available
  • You can host open-source servers: For example, rprxy is open-source

Onto the API endpoint, you can test it out for yourself and it gives you the request url along with the response’s body and headers. The response is an array of objects, each representing a place’s details where it contains the place’s universeId.

For example, here’s a request I’ve made:

Request url:


hmm. well I did find an alternative way without using the universe id. thank you for the help though!