Is there a way to group attachments together?

I want to group attachments together using a folder or model, or anything that works like that. I have probably over 1000 attachments under 1 union.

I need to fix the union which involves undoing it. If I do that then all the attachments will be deleted. I need to move the attachments somewhere else temporarily so that I can fix the union.

I looked here and it seems like there is no way to group attachments together. I just want to make sure because I really need a way to move all the attachments and a way to collapse them when I need to expand the union in the Explorer tab. I used so many attachments because the union is HUGE and I needed to light up the inside of it, so I used a bunch of attachments with maximum range point lights.

I do have one idea though:
If it works I could make a new part, anchor it, set can collide to false, set the transparency to 1, scale it down to 1, 1, 1, put it at the center of the union, put the part under the union, and then put the attachments under the part. I would also move the part out of the union while I fix the union. I’m not sure if that would work how I think it will though.

So Any ideas on how I might achieve this?

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I’m not sure but I think that you are able to put them under a folder? If not then try with the part as it should qork

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why do you need that much attachments on 1 part

Anyways, you can probably put the attachments in a folder, like @Dede_4242 said, or shove the attachments into a another part

He said it in another post, I don’t blame you from not knowing, for knowing why he needs so many attachments under one part you gotta know the whole story :sweat_smile: short story long he needs to light up a really big are and any light would not be able to light that up, and so he opted for having 1B attachments in the Workspace :sweat_smile:

You cannot put attachments under a folder because it’s not supported. Also, like @Dede_4242 said I need to light up a VERY big area.