Is there a way to have multiple colors in one part?

I was thinking about game ideas and thinking about color-changing parts and then I thought, is there any way to have sort of a rainbow of colors on one part? (or multiple parts with the illusion of one part).
My first thought is that you could have a rainbow of neon bricks inside of one brick that is slightly transparent but it doesn’t look the best, so does anyone else have any ideas?

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  2. What you’re asking is kind of vague, “colour changing parts” could mean anything

For constantly changing colours, like glowing RGB gamer gear, you’d want a script to just constantly change the hue.

For a shifting two tone colour, you can’t exactly pick both colours, however by experimenting with very high negative reflectances (on glass especially) you can get things like a purple-y part which shifts into a very nice orange in the sun (for one example I personally love) - There’s many other beautiful colour combos which can be made like this as well.

If you’re looking for a glitchy effect, you can abuse z-fighting by having two identical parts inside eachother, and then changing the colours of both to be different. That way, they’ll be blinking and changing all the time.


I know, also this was more of a scripting thing so yeah… I am a pretty good scripter so I know about that, I also I think the only way it would be possible to do it is through maybe frame’s with ui-gradients but not sure

You could try a color sequence as the color3, not entirely sure if Color3 and ColorSequence are interchangeable though.