Is there a way to have something removed from Roblox's safechat filter?

Is there a way to contact Roblox and have a word be removed from the safechat filter?

I probably sound …uneducated… to say it kindly, however I have seen a lot of service groups (such as Fizze and Bakiez) struggle with the safechat filter hashtagging their group name. Mine is one of them! I recently spent a portion of my group’s funds creating a group and all of the ranks, just to figure out that the name is unfortunately tagged. There’s nothing wrong or inappropriate with the name, so I am wondering if there’s a way to have Roblox make it so it’s not hashtagged? The name is “Cakeology” – very innocent and nothing that’s not safe for children.


i think you just have to contact roblox directly, get a new name, or use different characters

This is a much needed update to the filter

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yeah i’m gonna try contacting them now

agreed… there are so many unnecessarily censored words

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no, if they added it, why would they remove it…?

they didn’t specifically add the name to the filter, it’s their auto moderation that made the name hashtag for safechat users

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There is a way to request for a word to be added or removed from the filter, but you need to be a Regular to post on the relevant thread for that. So in your case, as a Member, no there is no way.

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Yeah they really need to update their moderation system when it comes to safechat, so many random words are censored, I understand that under 13 you get a white list of words and over 13 its a blacklist of words and that can cause a communication barrier and honestly can make it seem like people are saying worse things then they really are, honestly if its a huge issue for you Id just change the name cause itll probably be nearly a year before youll get the help you really need

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