Is there a way to import a mesh without textures?

Basically I’m trying to load a mesh (.fbx) but the problem is, it has the texture defaulty applied since I’ve baked the textures onto the mesh and the first time I loaded the decal got moderated (roblox sucks lol)

I’m afraid it would ban me again for uploading a texture twice that was moderated before and I’m currently making an edited decal that currently pasted moderation so I can apply that texture onto my mesh later (might get moderated again idk roblox moderation sucks)

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If you want a mesh without a texture, just remove the asset ID that’s in the MeshPart’s TextureID Property. It will default to the MeshPart’s BrickColor property so long as you didn’t use Vertex Painting.

Also I’ll note that “uploading your model with the texture” is not referred to as “baking” and will confuse people. Baking is the process to map textures according to an object’s UV. What you did was just export a mesh with its material.

It’s an important distinction and one I think is important to correct :slightly_smiling_face:


I want to import the mesh without the texture, not remove it after I’ve imported it

I don’t use Blender but I think .obj files don’t include the texture. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Then disable the material in your modeling software and export it again. You can search how to do this on your software’s relative forums or wikis.

Also .obj files can also retain material info.


Actually I don’t believe it does (just did a google search to verify my claim hehe), according to the internet it just keeps geometry data, nothing on materials.

I used to think .objs couldn’t either and was corrected like two years ago. I have done it many times since then.

Unless someone recently changed how .obj files work globally, it still works.

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