Is there a way to lock my scripts or made them non-editable for security?

ive heard of games being leaked on roblox and i want to prevent my game from having that happen.
Theres one script that i care about most, thats the script that controlls the main gimmick of the game.
I want to know if i can somehow “Lock” that code and make it non accesable unless you know a passcode or require a specific module? im not sure.

Im sure this isint a thing, but please tell me if it is

only way server scripts can get leaked is if you have a virus in your game or someone who can actually edit it shares them

if you put it in serverscriptservice i dont think exploits can see it

Ah ok. thanks that makes me feel a lot better about that. i dont use free models so i should be fine, and im the only one working on the game

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