Is there a way to loop one part of an animation?

Hi! My name is @shieldmr3, I’m a scripter/programmer and a game dev.

Recently I’ve been making guns and animating them in blender, but I had this one problem where I have an Idle animation, and at the same time want to add an equip animation. And adding each one individually will most likely break some of the animations (but not impossible to make tho).

So is there a way that I can make the equip animation and the idle animation in the same animation and loop the idle part? Would really appreciate it if anyone can help me!


There’s 2 things you need to check:

  • Check if the animation you want to overlap another has unneeded joints removed. Every animation plugin should have an option to disable certain limbs, like the legs and torso. If you disable the joints you don’t use in an animation you want to overlap (so in this case the equip animation), when you play the equip animation while your idle animation is active, the limbs you disabled in the equip animation won’t play and those limbs will still play in the idle animation.
  • Check if the equip animation has a higher priority than the idle animation. I’d recommend setting the equip animation to “Action” and the idle animation to “Idle”. Action has a higher priority, so it will overlap the lower priority. If curious, the list goes to: Action > Movement > idle > Core.

I’m assuming it’s your joints that’s the issue. So you should go back into the equip animation, see if you can disable the limbs you didn’t animate, and save it like that. Hope this helps!


Thank you for your response!

So just to make sure, this is for making each one of them individually, right?