Is there a way to lower the traingles for a blender model?

Hi, I’ve been making a low poly tree model,(Picture below) and I exported it into roblox studio but it always kept saying “You’ve reached the traingle limit at 10,000”. Is there a way to higher the limit or maybe lower the amount of traingles you put in a blender model? I would be glad if anybody can help.

What object is it?, perhaps separate it and import it in pieces.

Its a low poly tree. I did seperate but the leaves alone take more than 10,000 traingles.

I suggest using planes and texturing them with leaves.
Here’s a tutorial on how to:

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I did use him, forgot all about the leaves. I’ll try using planes and texturing them into leaves. I’ll reply with you again if there’s another problem.

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No problem mate, happy modelling.

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