Is there a way to make a custom get nil instances function

If you didnt know this, All hacks either use nil parented scripts or put it inside playerscripts, I already patched putting it inside player scripts but what about the few hacks that do nil parented ones such as shadow and synapse.

So, I want to know if there is a way to make a custom Get Nil Instances function like the ones in exploits so i can detect if there are unauthorized nil parented scripts, Also to avoid those one comments, Yes I have my own anti cheat, one that detects far movement, fake remote events, unauthorizated value edits etc and on EVERY exploit it uses a script object no matter if it is nil parented or player scripts parented

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No there is not.

Some exploits don’t use a LocalScript at all, they just feed bytecode to the vm and execute it there.

Don’t trust the client. It shouldn’t matter if they put anything in nil or find anything you put there in nil. Just do the best you can to make their exploits do less damage.