Is there a way to make a game with all the earnings being sent straight to charity?

Hi developers. I want to make a game that sends all the money earnt from it to charity. I’m wondering if there’s a way roblox can give all game earnings to a charity of my choice? Will I have to email roblox and get them to set something up or are there any other ways?


I don’t think this is possible. Roblox only ever allow for Robux to be converted into real-world currency through DevEx which is a very strict process and can only be carried out with a minimum of R$100,000. You would be asking them to make a special exception for you in which they would need to establish a system which automatically takes all of your revenue, converts it into real-world money and sends it to your charity, which is an extremely hefty ask so they probably wouldn’t even consider it since there’s no business case at all.

You would just need to convert the money through DevEx and send it to the charity yourself.


Dang that sucks thanks though .

if youre getting enough funds for developer exchange then you can probably do it manually

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You could dk that by doing it manually by earning more than 100,000 robux then, use dev exchange to convert to real money and then donate it to charity.

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