Is there a way to make a new developer product?

There are many things in many games

  1. Buy 42 levels,298 levels, 231 levels
  2. Buy 150 cash, 252 cash

Now if I have 1 level as 100 robux,

Some games have options such as buy 1-150 levels, and a developer product of that cost appears

Now how do they do this?
They make 150 developer products, ofc no right, then how do the do it?


they make a bot that sends api request and just create a new developer product… maybe


Isn’t it a looped function because there are 150k players can use it, bot will be spammed is there any way than that

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I’m not joking, someone even done a tutorial on that :grinning:

Link: How to allow donators to pay exactly how much they want to pay

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