Is there a way to make it so a player doesn't spawn until something?

So lets says you have a menu and when you click the play button the player spawns.

well you could just have the player spawn, but teleport the player when the button is pressed

but i dont want it to be that way

Do you want a system where the player doesn’t spawn at all until you press/tap a button?

yea i want it to be that way .

Refer to THIS post to see about preventing the character from automatically spawning, then you just need to do

if script.Parent.MouseButton1Click then
    #stuff here

I suggest you to use a connect function instead of if statements for detecting clicks:


The if statement would only allow it to function once, the first time you press the button, therefore it would be better to use a connect function.

Edit: I just tested it in studio to check if I was wrong and turns out, the if statement will not work, it simply executes the code without checking if the button was clicked. So yes it is better to use a connect function.
Sorry for saying so much on smth small.

Is there any way to load UI but not character on join, since I would like to use this for the first time a player joins and not just when they die.