Is there a way to make my game only accessible if you are in the group tied to it?

Hey Devs, I was wondering if there is a way I can make the game I am working on only able to be joined by members of the group it is made by without having to incorporate a script that kicks them if they are not in the group.(i.e, a way for people to not even be able to join the game unless they are in the said group.)

I looked under the access tab(picture below) in the creator dashboard but couldn’t find anything.

You can’t do this with settings but it’s easy to do with a script
(I know you don’t want to use a script but that would be the only way)

Yes, you can. I remember it was a setting in the old developer portal. If I find it i’ll get back to you soon.

Looks like Roblox removed that feature, however you can do a little get around for it. Make the game private, go to team create and give certain ranks access to play the game.

I think the script would just be easier. Why don’t you want to use a script?

People can dislike the game if they are kicked.

No one is gonna have the link to the game and even if by some miracle of god they find it that’s gonna be 1 dislike at max (if they even care to dislike the game)

Well, wouldn’t the game be shown in the experiences tab of the group? Players who try to join their friends without joining the group might dislike it.

And this allows the specified ranks to play the game even if it is Privated?

Correct, put all the ranks who you want to play it in there. Make sure to set it to “Play.”


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