Is there a way to make my lighting more foggy/hazy?

Hello! Recently I’ve made this Homestore for my clothing group which is partially like a showcase. I’ve been trying to think of ways to make the lighting in these rooms hazier, a way to have the sun rays visible regardless of where you are in the room. Below is a picture of what I’ve made and what I’m looking to recreate.

I’m not sure if there’s really any way to do something like this on roblox yet, but I figured I’d ask and see what ideas you all may have for this, or if anyone has any experience with this. Thank you!


use future lighting system and put a SunRaysEffect object into lighting

I have used future lighting in other games, but this game was built before future was released so all the lights are wonky with it… not to mention it’s kind of buggy and laggy in general at the moment. As for the sunrays I already have those. I think what I mean to recreate is the rays you see shining in, not the result of them on the floor.

Make a neon part thats transparentish, that or add a dust in the air texture to invisable parts

The neon parts don’t really look natural to me, and as for the dust I did add some but I’m not sure how to make them dense enough to catch the light while not being so dense that it ruins how the dark areas of the rooms look…

Try using a particle emitter with no movement, then place it only alongside the beams of light coming in, should allow light to come off of it without making it too dense. You can also turn up the light emission of the particles to emphasize the light hitting them.

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The image you provided is an example of ray tracing. Only a handful of triple-A games have it, so you cant make that effect exactly currently. Raytracing will be added in the future though.

Thank you for this! This worked perfectly. :smile:


You pulled it off? My mind is blown at this effect

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what is the decal for this emitter???

any sort of particle with the transparency turned up works, just follow my answer that I stated, then just make sure transparency is set to nearly invisible so you cant see the texture.



You can change the amount to anything, just play with the transparency settings to change how it looks, any high number is fine, though if you set it too high, then the effect is ruined.

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The effect isnt very hard to pull off, the issue with it is that it has to be static lighting, once the position of the sun changes, the effect is ruined, so the real difficulty would be figuring out where the light would go throughout the day cycle and scripting it to follow.

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We can’t have real raytracing yet, but you can emulate it by what @windwardsailing said.

All I’ve got to say is I really like this build. It perfectly matches the clothing style, something most homestores lack.

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Oh man, that looks absolutely stunning! The lighting is perfect!

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