Is there a way to make not obvious in place teleportation?

Hi, this is my first post. I wish to know if there’s a way to teleport players (not from one game to another, but in the place), but in a non-obvious way? The game rBreach somehow managed to do this by teleporting players in an elevator to another elevator while not making it obvious that you’ve been teleported (You stay in the same position you were after being teleported to the other elevator.)

I’d highly appreciate it if somebody answered.

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Refer to this thread for discussion and solutions:

While the thread didn’t really help me enough (anything i tried in there didn’t really work out, always got teleported to the center.), I managed to find a way to achieve seamless teleportation with this piece of code:

local character = --Player character here
local teleportfrom = --Teleport pad character is standing on
local teleportto = --Teleport pad character will teleport to

local offset = teleportto.CFrame.p - teleportfrom.CFrame.p
character:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(character:GetPrimaryPartCFrame() + offset)

It works quite nicely, unless you keep walking around while you’re being teleported.