Is there a way to make ParticleEffects activate faster?

I’ve been trying to work with ParticleEffects more recently but I realized that most ParticleEffects take a while to start. When you toggle enabled or clone the effect, it usually takes a second before the effect is fully active or disappears completely.

I don’t know if theres a way to change this at all, but I’m trying to clone an effect from ReplicatedStorage and parent it to a part when an event triggers. The event is short and the particles should stop after a pretty short time period, which is the only reason I want the effect to activate faster. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it!

there isnt actually unless you keep it on

You are realizing that the OP isn’t using the Fire effect, right? The OP is using ParticleEmitters.

@APurpleCat2, try looking into this function.

Thanks, this looks really good for stopping the effect.

Old post but anyone stuck with this problem just use :Emit(howMany) on the emitter

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