Is there a way to make planes on studio instead of Blender?

Right so I want to get into the Ro-Aviation community by making my own planes, is there a way to make a plane such as the A320 in studio, without having to make it in Blender and importing it to roblox studio?

I’ve looked on youtube and checked for any tutorials and havent found a good one quite yet so I was wondering if I could get any support about it on here.



There are many excellent tutorials out there on youtube by searching something along the lines of How to make a ROBLOX Plane in Studio. Although the smoothest and best results I find come from blender, it is possible to make it only in studio.

Example Tutorial (it’s in a series): ROBLOX | How To Build A Plane in ROBLOX | PART 1 - YouTube

You should be able to find many other ones on there that you can use. The specific tutorial I linked I believe (can’t remember as I followed it 3 years ago now) made an A320 I believe.

After you made the shell, you’ll have to insert a plane-kit (etc.).

Quick disclaimer: I have not followed along with this tutorial fully, but I am aware of some projects that used this tutorial that worked perfectly.


It’s definitely doable (as the solution you marked says) but I don’t really recommend it. Union made planes are really outdated nowadays in ro-av, I highly recommend using Blender to make your planes. If your intent is to make an airline that’s something you need to keep in mind, there are also many groups that sell planes if that is something you want to consider.

If you really want to make your own plane on Studio, you can look at yrreb’s planes. Before most planes became mesh most ro-av groups used his planes so you can look at that for ideas.

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