Is there a way to make the user enter in the text box letter by letter?

I want to achieve when the user press a key to write in the text box when the key it pressed and hold down it wont spam like so ssssssssssssss. If the user want to enter 2 ss the s key need to be pressed 2x

Is there a setting in the Properties of that text box that I might have missed?
How do you go about to achieve this?


I’m not much of a scripter, but I believe the default chat has a sytem like this. You press “/” and you enter the textbox. I would suggest playtesting your game and looking through the chat scripts. Hope this helps!

This is not what I am trying to achieve as I said in the post I don’t want the player to spam a word because the key is pressed

That is just a default setting for roblox textboxes as of my knowledge, no way to change it besides coding an entire text system.