Is there a way to make walls dampen out sound from other rooms?

I am trying to make a house with various different appliances that all have constant sound effects playing, but the sounds play through walls and floors as if they were not there.
For example, if I made a house with a bedroom right above the kitchen, the sound of the refrigerator plays right through the floor. How can I make it so that walls block out or dampen sounds like they do in real life? If it is not currently possible I’d suggest it as a well needed update to the sound system
Another example is a building with fire alarms of various types, how can I make the sound of the alarms on the first floor stay on the first floor so that I can use different alarms on the second floor without the sounds mixing together?


Raycasting between source and listener should be ideal. I’m not sure on how that works, but you could maybe set an equation on the sound’s volume based on distance and using raycasting to calculate it.


Tyridge has a couple posts about this.