Is there a way to mirror this without using the mirror plugin?


This seat was made by someone else but I am working on a few changes to the seat. However, it consists of multiple parts. I would like to mirror this, but using the plugin removed some details of this seat meant it does not look accurate.

I have attempted to use Blender but since this consists of multiple parts, it seems to be taking some time to mirror. I was not able to change the colour of different parts since it randomly exported the whole thing.

The plugin I’ve used is this: Stravant - Model Reflect - Roblox

And the model is this:


I mean, the mirror tool is really helpful, but you could always just duplicate the mode and turn it?

The mirror tool doesn’t exactly work very well with Unions. :frowning:

Turning does not exactly mirror the object.

EDIT: Oh wait, you gave me an idea, maybe I should turn it but move the parts around?

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Yeah, if you don’t like the mirror idea just do that.

If you rotate each union by 45 degree increments, you’ll get them to line up again.

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Throw it into a 3D modeling program & mirror it there. Of course, then your whole model will be a mesh, so that might not be ideal for your situation.

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You can try to do it the old fashioned way by rotating the item 180 degrees and move the stuff over to the opposite end.

I’m serious, this has worked for many in the past and is still effective today for builds that aren’t complex. I would suggest however that you try to union the seat and add the texture again, and try mirroring it once more if you haven’t done so.

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The only way (in Roblox) to reflect if you can’t just reflect using the reflect tool and then rotate the unions around is to separate all of the unions into parts (and negate parts) and reflect it using the tool and then re unioning all of the parts.


If you’d like to mirror a union, you can always follow this process.

  • Un-union the model you’d like to mirror.

  • Select the negated parts and the parts that you would have made into a union prior.

  • Mirror the group of objects, and then union them again.

While this isn’t the most efficient method, it does get the job done.


You can also just rotate the union by 45 degree increments after mirroring. Much of time it’s just spun around 90 degrees on one axis.

What about grouping it all together? That allows you do sort of mirror in a way if you know your studio tools well.

I’m afraid that doesn’t work. I will post an image of what happens when I’m back.

(I wish reflecting is a Roblox feature)

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I have decided to try a similar method to yours by seperating everything until it becomes a part then reflecting it. It has worked and I’m happy to say I am finished with reflecting the model. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I wish Roblox introduces a Mirror feature.