Is there a way to order a Leaderboard from smallest to largest?

Traditional ingame leaderboards are usually ordered like this:

My game uses highscore on the leaderboard, and it wouldn’t make much sense if the person with the longest highscore was on top, so I want to know if and how it is possible to order the leaderboard from smallest to largest.

Another interesting note is that people with 0.00s for a highscore might be on the top of the leaderboard, not sure how to keep them also at the bottom of the leaderboard.

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You COULD use OrderedDataStores and sort from low to highest scores. However, you’d need to make a GUI that is similar to the actual leaderstats UI (since I’m pretty sure you can’t modify the leaderstats UI).

Edit. The leaderstats UI seems pretty simple to recreate so you should hav emo problem with that.

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And how exactly could I do that?

Just change OrderedDataStore:GetSortedAsync(true, 10) to this:

OrderedDataStore:GetSortedAsync(false, 10)

The reason I’m setting it to false is because that parameter is “isAscending” and if it’s false it’ll start from highest to lowest. But first you got to follow the whole tutorial to understand and make this change.

Hope this helps you out!


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