Is there a way to prevent people from accessing the Memory category of the Dev Console?

So, a few days ago, I found out that people could easily access the Developer Console and go to the Memory section to steal sounds, is there any way to prevent normal players to access the DevConsole’s
Memory section? If not, then Roblox should make that a feature.


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From my current knowledge, I believe there is no way to completely disable the developer console unless if there’s a way to remove the bind for it. I do know there is a way to disable binds, but ain’t sure if you can do this with the dev console.

There is a way to hide the developer console completely, but remember exploiters can halt scripts. Never trust the client, there is no 100% way to do this as they have external consoles.

while (true) do
    game.StarterGui:SetCore("DeveloperConsoleVisible", false)

Put this in a localscript in StarterGui or some other place where localscripts are supported.

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If you don’t need that chat, try disabling it, as mobile users need the chat to look at the console.

Anything visible to the client can and will be stolen by exploiters with ease. Don’t waste your time trying to hide assets. Just report places that steal your original assets.