Is there a way to protect your game?

Is there a way to protect your game from exploiters and players using Synapse to steal your game?

The studio I work for is very close to releasing their first game, but has questions about exploiting.
Their questions were:

  • Why does Roblox allow programs like Synapse or any exploit program.
  • Is there a way to protect your game from this?
  • What if our game gets leaked?

I know there’s a ban wave going on, but that will “just help lower the amount of exploiters for a week” as they can just create alts and use VPNs.
If you can help them answer these questions it will be great! :smile:

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Roblox does not allow exploits. There is a reason it is against their community guidelines. The creators of these exploits find ways around Roblox’s protection. If you want more proof, Roblox JUST had a ban wave targeting exploiters. Specifically, synapse users.


Report whoever leaked it


I have very less knowledge of this, but can’t Roblox not allow Synapse to work on their platform or anything like that?

All exploit developers have their ways of finding workarounds…it’s not that easy.


Lastly - Let’s say the game does get leaked, wouldn’t the developers have to remake the map then?

For it to be leaked again.

If someone steals your map report them to Roblox.

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If your map is stolen you can contact, just give a good explanation about the things that have been stolen from your map and that’s it.

An exploiter stealing your game only has access to the map, and some LocalScript / ModuleScript code. It’ll be hard for them to read due to Luau not allowing the client to see variable names though.

Most importantly, though, anyone who steals your game will NOT have access to the code of any Scripts (the kind that runs on the server), nor will they have access to anything in ServerStorage or ServerScriptService.


Just extra info, ANYTHING replicated to client can be stolen. The single things that cannot be stolen is server sided instances, thats why server storage exists.


Instead of preventing injection of scripts to steal games just allow people to set meshes, etc to only work in the publisher’s games and cannot be downloaded or previewed on the Roblox Site. Maybe check if any of the models inside a place is stolen and do not allow them to open the game if it is. Easy as that.

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Theoretically, if applied, would not be effective on the free market?