Is there a way to put a model at a posistion in studio?

alright so i made coridors models but i cant put them perfectly on the same line, is there a way to put them perfectly in place?

Union one corridor model. Get the position of that model (Ctrl+V) then paste in into the other corridor.

well its a model with meshes so ugh

Can you union a mesh? (Thirty characters)

no i mean like they are differents so it wont work

Do ctrl D to make a copy in the same place and move it on the same axis.

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Use the Move tool? Are the corridors rotated at a non 90 degree angle?

Although your question is not clear, it seems like you’re trying to align models. If your corridors aren’t models, you should group them together, so that they’re a model, and it’ll make aligning them easier.


You can use the Move tool to line models up, but this only works sometimes when the model size is precise. Otherwise, the model will either move too much, or too little, and will either leave a gap or clip into another model.


You can set your move increment to 0 when moving the model, but you’ll have to eyeball it, and this is rather imprecise.

Alternatively, which I think is the best solution, you can use the Transform tool, which I show how to use in the following video. It allows you to precisely move models and align them with other surfaces.

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Use command bar. Give each corridor a hitbox (in the same spot as each-other) and run


and it will move the Corridor1 to Corridor2

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