Is there a way to put the avatar size to a specific size? (I dont want make my game R6)

Hey! Recently, I tried to do a system, I called it “Anti-Tiny Avatars” But i dont find how i can do it, Here is an example of what i want.

If the help is efficient and understandable, you will be placed in the “People who contributed to game systems” section in the game for which help is required.

  • Any help is appreciated :two_hearts:

There should be an option in the Game Settings of your Game to control avatar scaling. If not, you can just check for when the Character spawns and alter their scaling directly:

    -- Something to do with changing scaling

But, How i can change the size of a model, And dont change every part size?

Check the Humanoid documentation:

If a NumberValue is parented inside of the Humanoid and is named one of the following, it will be used to control the scaling functionality:

  • BodyDepthScale

  • BodyHeightScale

  • BodyWidthScale

  • HeadScale

Just change these.

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