Is there a way to remove this from the textures?

I have this problem of the textures, when I expand them, lines of the material appear and I get closer they disappear but I move away and the lines of the material return there a way to remove it? because it looks bad…


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This happens cause I think the image you’ve given to the Texture has little lines on the 4 corners, that’s why this is happening.


I don’t think so and I’ve used this texture before and it’s the same and that hasn’t happened

The only solution is that there is a small border around the texture, or in other terms it is not seamless.
If I was you I’d find another texture or make your own :slight_smile:

Yeah, unfortunately that texture is not seamless. I’d recommend using something like this which has a lot of free textures. Most textures straight off the web are just examples/not real textures, just pictures.

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Make sure the texture you get is seamless.

Sorry for bumping this thread, but I noticed these lines recently appearing on one of the textures in my game. I’ve being using said texture quite extensively, and the lines didn’t appear before.

Although, I’m personally not too bothered about it, since it actually looks kind of cool (strange as that sounds).

Seen as how you already bumped it I’ll give an answer :man_shrugging:

If you have 2 parts next to eachother with the texture, the texture will have a line because the 2 textures across the parts do not line up, which is fixable but annoying to fix, you can fix this with the textures offset.

edit: i just realized your comment was from 19 days ago well uh whoops

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Deselect this:


Since here’s what it does: