Is there a way to rotate SpecialMesh mesh part from script

is there a way to rotate SpecialMesh part from a script?
im trying to rotate it backwards

it should look like

i tried changing the Offset but its moving the wings far away on the map from the character
also i tried CFrame and it didnt work
please help

Well for the wings you would need to seperate them for a good effect and use some cframe offset math with angles, but off the top of my head I gues you could mess about with scale to make them seem like they are fluttering but it might not look right, your probably better off waiting for the new bone mesh deforms to come out so you can just have a looping animation.

when the mesh update will be? someone knows?

What do you mean by “rotate the mesh backwards?” You’ve just taken a screenshot of your character with wings on them but you don’t specify what it should look like.

it should look like