Is there a way to save a build and duplicate it in another game?

Is there a way to save what I build and put my model into another one of my games?
For example: I built a tree on my building site in Roblox studios but I would like to put it in another one of my games. I don’t want to have to rebuild it on the actual game platform. How would I go about doing this?


Group it by selecting all of the parts in it, and pressing CTRL + G.

Then right click, and press save to file.

Then, go into your other game and right click on workspace, and press insert from file.

And walah!


Simple copy paste using two Studio windows is a faster solution.


Post it as a model info your inventory by right clicking the model in work space. Go into a diffrent game then paste.

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Having 2 windows open to copy and paste between is most efficient because no unnecessary files are created in inventory or on your hard drive. This also works in Blender and other programs.


If you wanted to, you could create the new place and use publish to to the other place, this will pretty much much duplicate the game.

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