Is there a way to select a gui from the game?

Hi!, i’m currently working on a game, where a good amount of it is made of guis, and i am wondering if there is any way to select guis from in the game, like clicking a part in the game, instead of the explorer, but for guis.


edit: i mean in studio, to select it to edit, and stuff like that.

Adding the ClickDetector object to a brick allows you to register player clicks on a part. In a local script, link the clicked event to a function that opens a GUI


Thanks but, i didn’t word it right, i mean like to edit in studio :wink:

I am assuming you’re talking about TextButtons and ImageButtons. Both of these have a MouseButton1Click function, and are inserted inside StarterGui.

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You can try to double click on the elements and it will select it in the explorer making it easier to find, as well as let you resize and drag it in scale. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I believe he is referring to clicking UI objects to select them in the explorer (in studio edit mode).

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Yeah kinda like that, ill add photos or videos to try to explain it.

Ok here is a photo, hopefully it helps!

Ok, i figured it out, thanks to everyone who helped!