Is there a way to send a model to another server?

I am creating a game called Formia (a platformer game)

I am adding a system where people can make their own levels, it goes into the “custom games” tab, and other people can independently play them by creating a new server. Simple, right? No. The first source I came around to is DevForums, and so I looked up how to transfer model from server to server. [It didn’t end up well] I don’t know if this has anything to do with TeleportService or MessagingService.

You could use:

Publish your model to roblox and then use the AssetId to insert it into the game.

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The thing is, the building system is not in studio, it’s in the actual game. I mean if I could transport a player-made model into another server.

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Yes basically use serialization. This works only for parts and decals. Type in serialization and grab the Module of roblozDev put a script as a parent, and then you can make a remoteevent that gets triggered and send player name so…

local Module= require(Script.Module)

Local remoteSaveModel = game:GetService(„ReplicatedStorage”).remoteSaveModel

Local saveModelModel =„Model”)
For i,v in pairs (player.Character:GetChildren()) do
If v.Class=„Part” then

Local vi = v:Clone()
vi.Parent= saveModelModel


Local encypteddata = Module.Encode(saveModelModel)


Then you upload this one long string to database since u cant upload array when u join the new server you read the database and decode using same module and give directory and it will create the parts exactly How they was


I didn’t know you could do that in studio, thanks!

I recommend instead of using some 3rd party module (which has limitations), that you instead learn about how serialization/de-serialization works.

Here’s a useful tutorial which may help.