Is there a way to shrink only one side of a part?

i wanted a cone with a flat top but i dont know blender (if i need to learn blender might aswell use that to make what im working on) is there like a plugin that helps with this or do i need blender? thanks in advance

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Yes. BasePart | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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what am i searching for?


ive found it but how do i use this
btw its this right?

Have you read the document I sent? Read it carefully, it has everything. But I’ll still tell you.


Where the 1st argument is your face Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Right and Left. The 2nd argument is the deltaSize that is the increment you want in the size.

with my clear Geniousity i would have never found it thanks

Wait why didn’t I know this existed? Can you show me a picture of it? :slight_smile:

Well, you learn something new everyday.

Yeah what am I suppose to show you a picture of lol. It’s just a function. Just run:


in the command bar.

Oh, I was thinking that you would be able to extend the face of shapes like wedges or something. Like blender.

It’s kind of like that. In the documentation it states that it resizes parts similar to the studio size tool.

Oh okay. I thought it was something more special than that. Okay thanks.

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