Is there a way to simulate a bad wifi connection?

There seems to be a bug in my game, but i cant figure out what causes it because i cant get it to happen for myself in studio.

The issue only seems to happen to people with a somewhat bad connection.

Is there a way to simulate a poor connection in roblox studio so that everything loads very slow from the client to the server?

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I think you can use this to simulate poor connections.


I have tried that, but it didn’t seem to have the same effect.

Hmm, if you have access to your router’s interface, I’m sure you can throttle your connection there, though the interface varies on models so I can’t help you with that.

Did you try it in a test server or just solo? I believe it only works in a test server.

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I have tried it in a test server, i always use test servers.

I tested it, and Incomming Replication Lag does work in Solo too. Make sure you reset Studio after you set the property.

Here’s a simple way to test it: Set up a RemoteFunction that simply returns nil or something on the server. Then call it on the client and measure the time it takes.

Here’s what I did:

-- Server:
local rf ="RemoteFunction")
rf.Parent = game.ReplicatedStorage
rf.OnServerInvoke = function()
	return true
-- Client:
local rf = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("RemoteFunction")

while (true) do
	local start = tick()
	print(("%.2f"):format(tick() - start))

If I set the Incomming Replication Lag to 1, then my print statement usually printed out about 2 seconds per request (because it’s lag in both directions, so it will be double the replication lag time to send and receive).

Also they misspelled “Incoming” which is quite annoying

You could also try clumsy for for finer control over simulating bad connections.


It does work, but the issue does not appear. It doesn’t make the issue show up.