Is there a way to start an NPC Dialog used in Camping Games upon Touching a part?

Can someone help me figure out how to Make an NPC dialog upon touching a part/brick?

Or where can i figure this out?

We need more information to solve the problem, pls give me a script you’re currently using

Thats the problem, i don’t have a script, i just realized i didn’t add a “were can i learn this” part I apologize for the misunderstanding

Learn about Guis and basic coding, then try coming up with an idea of how to make it.

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As the creator of a story game myself, I use a loop. Then inside of that loop, i retrieve the length of the chat string you want using string.len() and iterate the loop the number of times as the string length.

Each loop, I use string.sub() to create a new string that creates a type writter effect for a dialogue.

Here are some useful links that will help you achieve this dialogue effect:

Here is an example code:

local Dialogue = "Hello! My name is Revelted!"
local DialogueLength = string.len(Dialogue)

for i = 1,DialogueLength do
local NewDialogue = string.sub(Dialogue,1,i)
--wherever you need the string to go goes here


EDIT: If you are completely new to coding, I suggest you also read over these articles as well:


Thanks! Will do for sure! I am very new to coding and i think this will help me out a lot