Is there a way to test in Studio to disregard FE?

Hey, so yeah I just noticed a change in Studio and it’s making it very hard to conduct tests.

So like, even if I turn FE off on the game, when ever I test in Studio test mode it always acts like it’s a server-sided test run, when before it performed client-sided and so fourth.

When I go to adjust my level values and stuff, the data never replicates to the server, and therefor no events detect it change.

Very annoying when I have specific tests I need to run to see if certain things are working as they should, is there any way I can turn this off so in Studio test it’s always client-sided? Thanks.

You have to go to game settings in studio and change filtering enabled to false. Note: Not using filtering enabled will allow hacks to easily ruin the game and will cause a message to pop up on a place. However, if you want to change something server-side then just use the client-server button. Filtering Enabled should be something you keep on.


Thanks :slight_smile: The only reason I wanted to figure out how to do this is just for testing in Studio, where I need to manually set the player’s level to make sure the level up is working, or so fourth.

It isn’t optional anymore, if you join a game now it will be filtering enabled no matter what you set it to.


That’s unfortunate…so if I do what REAL says it wouldn’t even work??

Could you not just press the Client / Server button in the top right while testing??

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OP is describing something different. He is not trying to simply toggle between the client and the server, he is trying to conduct the code in question solely on the client.

This is why he considers the idea to shut off FE.

I don’t really see why you would need to disable it though.

If you’re trying to test a method for making something work, it makes no sense to test it in a non-filtering-enabled environment, as it won’t actually work in a live game.

So, you’re essentially doing something equivalent to disabling accurate play solo (or similar), which is never a good way to test projects.

He could, but he wants to test code entirely in an environment that has no filtering. This he could perform actions from the command bar on the server, but that’s not a very good workflow.

However, once again, I think your tests should be written with a production environment in mind. Make your tests FE compatible and your product will be too. Which I would like to point out:

They have to be.

The way how I’m seeing it is that he wants it for testing so he can change values without a script which changing it to the Server view would fix the issue.

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I wouldn’t recommend developing a game, or any script for non-FE environments.

I would instead recommend creating a Studio-only GUI or something (RunService:IsStudio anyone?). You could put config values in a folder and listen for .Changed events, fire a RemoteEvent and have the server change the values for you. Many possibilities. Just please, please do not disable filtering.

APS (FE Play Solo) can no longer be disabled in the latest Studio build, unfortunately.

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I’m pretty sure OP just wants to toggle a bool or set a value for testing, not to turn off FE in production.

If you just want to toggle a bool or modify a value, then follow @SovereignFrost’s advice and modify it on the server. While your game is running, press this button to toggle your context from client to server:


You’ll notice that the border on the viewport turns from blue to green. That means that everything you do will be as if the server’s doing it, which means that changes you make will now replicate to the client.

Once you’re done changing your values, click the same button to switch back to the client.

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I know, he’s asking to disable FE to do that. Don’t. Use my suggestion or do something else, but please don’t disable FE.

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If youre running automated tests, you can use RunService:Run() (or the Green Studio Run button) and I believe this should function as you expect. Server scripts will run and will still have access to local objects

‘Local objects’ in the context of Run are always server-sided. No character spawns and no client is created.

You aren’t disabling FE by switching from client to server, though. And writing a gui for testing would be a waste of time when the exact same thing could be done via the explorer/property window.

@CodeNinja16 Yeah, that part about disabling FE was directed towards Terrodactly, but the rest of my reply was directed towards you.

I wasn’t suggesting a solution (or the problems for) turning off FE for production. What I was saying was that making/testing anything in an non FE environment is bad for when you inevitably use your creation in something for production.

However, if OP is simply trying to change a value manually, just switch to server mode. Don’t bother to disable FE.

I was under the impression that you wanted to test code in a script in non-FE.

EDIT: I just saw this:

The solution you gave is suited perfectly to what he wants. I think OP needs to use this method instead of disabling FE, even if it’s a test.

The solution is quite misleading because the responder has misinformation. The FilteringEnabled property doesn’t do anything. There is no way to “disregard FE”. Please change the solution to something that more appropriately reflects the answer, so that others reading this thread aren’t given wrong information.


Thanks for the replies, guys. I’ll try messing around with the server/client mode next time I test it. Like I said, the only reason I desire to do this is so I can set whatever values of my player’s data I need to conduct the test, all of my code is compatible with Filtering.

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