Is there a way to transfer experience between accounts?

I would like to transfer one of my experience from my terminated account to another one, I didn’t accept the new TOS on terminated account. Is there a way I could do that without starting another lawsuit against roblox? 95% of assets used in the game was made by me, 5% are some models from toolbox.


I don’t think this is possible. You need to have saved your experience/assets beforehand so you are able to transfer your experience.


i have an idea! (or a cauple actually)
basic solution: make the new account a dev in team create and then you should hopefully be able to make them the owner.
alternative/advanced solution: go to the game on your terminated account, (i mean in roblox studio not the actual platform) then copy your entire game! the whole workspace, all the scripts, everything with no exeptions! then make the game private.
go to the new account and make a new game with the same name, thumbnails, and icon that is basicly identical. then go inside studio in the new duplicate game and delete the baseplate and the spawn. finnally you can paste everything in that you coppied eirlier. then make the game public.
Hope this helps! :smiley:


I can’t access roblox studio or edit the game at all. I have no control over the game after roblox decided to randomly terminate my account.


did it give you a reason for terminating u?


have you tried opening an auto recovery file? studio automaticly makes them for u because of situations like this


Got terminated by auto moderation, obviously support completely ignored me, as every other roblox player.

Auto recovery file was very outdated.


oof :frowning: i wish i could help you, sorry i coudnt but i tried. i hope you find a solution one day


According to the roadmap, it can be done in the near future (Mid 2023)

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