Is there a way to use Roblox Studio's old commit system?

Previously, scripts in Studio that were uncommited had a little asterisk next to their names in the scripts tab, and you could just close the script to commit it.

Now, the asterisk no longer appears, and you have to manually commit each script, whether by right clicking the script in the scripts tab and clicking “Commit”, or going to the Drafts window and commiting your scripts there. You can’t even use ctrl+a to select all the scripts.
Not only that, but pressing commit even prompts you to name the changes you made instead of just commiting. Why is this necessary?

Is there a way to go back to the old system? Disabling the “Drafts mode” in the Game Settings makes a plugin I have that edits the scripts’ source not work, so that’s not really an option for me

Edit: Also, trying to delete a drafted script prompts you with this and there is no “Don’t ask again” checkbox or just something to stop that. Please Roblox allow me to delete scripts without needing to confirm my choice.