Is there a way to use Tools while Backpack is disabled or hidden?

All I want to do is hide the toolbar and still allow players to equip them. I tried to hide the toolbar by using SetCoreGuiEnabled, but it disabled Tools and their .Activated and .Equipped events.

Also, is there a way to access the player’s CoreGui scripts so I can alter the design and functionality of the toolbar/backpack?

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I don’t think this is possible, but you could try UserInputService to detect if the player presses a key, downside is that the player won’t know what they are equipping. Or you could easily code a custom backpack.


There is possibly a way to do it as most simulator games or roleplay games e.g. Liberty County have a custom hotbar.

However I’m not sure if they completely redo the system (first hiding the standard bar) or it they just place decals over the existing ones.

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Not that I know of. In the past I have just created a custom inventory system with a folder that holds all the players tools and a GUI that basically created a new little box at the bottom of the screen for every tool and changed some text in it to the name of the tool. Equipping was handled whenever the player pressed the corresponding number or clicked the GUI it just moved the tools parent to the players character. This seemed to work fine and my .Activated and .Equipped events were still running as expected.

Could you give an example of what it is for so maybe we can better understand what you need this functionality for and provide a more detailed explanation of how it could work? But to answer you question no at least as far as I know there is no editing the CoreGui scripts to change backpack functionality.


They use custom toolbars, you can’t edit the CoreGui unfortunately and the UI doesn’t replicate to PlayerGui.


I’m creating an inventory system and for the tools I didn’t want to create custom ones with Welds since tools handle the positioning automatically, but it shouldn’t be difficult.

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You can still store tools in the backpack with the coregui disabled. You’ll need to script the equipping yourself. Which is simply done by just detecting input with UserInputService and then checking what tool is on the position of that array. Aka if it’s button 1 it’ll go to Humanoid:EquipTool(backpack:GetChildren()[1])

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There’s also the function HumanoidObject:EquipTool(TOOLNAME)
You could use this with UIS or CAS.

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Your best guess for a backpackless and toolbarless system is scripting a whole tool system integrated with the UI.

Includes inventory as a backpack while toolbar is custom.

You don’t need to make a custom tool system just the inventory system. Simply moving to tools to the character will equip them and handle the rest. You just have to handle storing and equipping them.


You can easily re-parent a tool from the backpack to the character and vice-versa to equip and un-equip a tool. Pair this with the UserInputService and you’ve got yourself a invisible backpack.