Is There a Working Way to Get an Event for Mouse.Target?

I have a script that inserts a BillboardGui into the Mouse’s target if it meets a few requirements. Funny thing is, I haven’t really found a way to launch the code when the target changes. I’m desperate not to use a loop, and I’ve tried these:


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You can use UserInputService.InputChanged to detect when the player moves their mouse and then run the if statement.

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Pardon my ignorance, but how would you get a mouse target as a BasePart with it? I checked the Wiki and it only passes two arguments, both not an instance from workspace.

edit: wait my bad you meant use mouse.Target lol


This isn’t sufficient. The camera may change CFrame without InputChanged firing (e.g. the character gets moved or is already moving), or objects in the 3D world may change Size/CFrame/Shape. Either of these may cause the mouse’s “Target” to change.

A reliable way to do this is to not rely on legacy mouse API, but instead cast a ray every Render frame along the vector given by the relevant Camera API (casting through the pixel on the screen where the mouse currently is).


Simply use the mouse.Move event. This will fire when the mouse is moved not necessarily when the mouse target changes.

I haven’t tried it myself, but Instance's GetPropertyChangedSignal(propertyName) may allow you to get a signal for when Mouse.Target changes. This should fire when both the player’s mouse moves or the camera’s CFrame changes.

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I shortly realized that after I tested it. Currently, I just gave in and started using a loop for convenience.

Maybe if I find out how to remotely do that :sweat_smile: