Is there an alternative for UIInlineLayouts?

I’m trying to make the third TextBox go under the first, as it can’t fit within the frame’s boundaries if it doesn’t.

I’m trying to get a similar effect to this and looked into UIInlineLayouts, but to my surprise, it said the class wasn’t available.

Is there an alternative for UIInlineLayouts?

Edit: These labels are just examples; the actual size of each label can vary.

I should’ve probably included this in my OP, but I meant to say that the sizes of the TextLabel can vary; this was just an example.

UIGridLayouts prevent TextLabels from being any other size than the size described in the CellSize.


I recently found that UIAspectRatioConstraints override the UIGridLayout’s scaling of an object. So, if you want to achieve random sizes like @Maximum_ADHD showed, simply add a UIAspectRatioConstraint inside of each grid element set the Aspect Ratio to a random number.