Is there an alternative way of making NPC follow player(s)?

Heyo guys.

I’m here to get your guys idea on making NPC follow players.

Currently, I tried experimenting with pathfinding but find it very costly and reduce performance when there are lot of NPC around.

Using normal findTorso/findHumanoidRootPart method is viable, but doesn’t allow realism since most of the time the NPC can just get stuck behind the wall(s).

I’m looking for a simple but efficient way of doing this since most of the time my game will have 80 ~ 120 NPC/Enemies roaming around.

Should I use raycast and findTorso/findHumanoidRootPart method to achieve this?
Greatly appreciate your ideas and opinions.

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The roblox pathfinding service is a lot better than you think. And because it is written in C rather than luau, it will run faster and better than anything scripted manually.
The main bottleneck usually results from the humanoid object, rather than pathfinding.

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