Is there an API to get a user's favorite games?

I.e. for userId 261 I would like to get a list of that player’s favorite or recently favorited games.

Is this possible?

I spent 20 minutes poking around and I didn’t see anything.


Where is that against the rules?


No, you’d need to do what we call WebScraping. I personally use Cheerio to WebScrape areas on Roblox that do not have APIs created for them.

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Yeah I know how to make it work that way. Trying to minimize external dependencies.


@sjr04 As he mentioned, that’s not his goal. He’s trying to get their most recently favorited game or favorite game.

@Shedletsky Unfortunately it seems to be this is the only method you could use… I had to do this for Followers, Join Date, ect, for a Discord Bot I made. Roblox doesn’t provide a ton of APIs to the public for some weird reason.

Hmm. Doesn’t seem explicitly forbidden, but good to know.

Not was I was planning regardless.


I believe this is the endpoint you’re looking for:

…but as others said above, don’t use it to offer rewards for favoriting your game.


Wow that’s awesome. Do you you know if this is documented somewhere? Wondering what other things I can get.


Not that I know of. I only found it by checking the “Network” tab of the chrome devtools while viewing someone’s favorite games.

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I made something that checks what game the player is favoriting, I don’t know It’s mainly to see what type of players play my game but use it for what you want!

If you want it reply.

This is actually really neat
The only problem is Roblox doesn’t seem to allow HTTP requests to their site so they don’t get DDOSed, meaning you can’t check in game via script at all, you have to manually check using CTRL+F on that url.
This article covers that:

You can get around this issue using or this helpful tutorial.

However, while these should do the trick for the average use-case, bigger developers may want to look into using their own proxy for this, as rprxy can be slow and google scripts have a daily rate limit.


Can this be Done with Player Badges too?

Nevermind, I found it myself.