Is there an API to know if it's a player's join anniversary?

Not sure if there’s a method I could call to find this information out or something.

Help appreciated, thanks!

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There is player.AccountAge, which tells you the age of their account in days. For legal reasons you can’t get their birthday if you were wondering.


Continuing off of what @incapaxx said, you can divide player.AccountAge by the average number of days in a year (about 365) and check if the remainder is equal to 0:

local player=game.Players.LocalPlayer
local age=player.AccountAge
if age%365==0 then --get remainder of age divided by 365
   --anniversary, do stuff

There’s leap days and whatever to figure out, but honestly if the anniversary is off by a day or two the player probably isn’t going to notice.


On the issue of leap days, and such you can use the function.

First you have this lovely AccountAge property of a player. You can use this number and subtract if from the current timestamp (make sure you’re in the same unit, don’t try to subtract days from seconds :|)

There are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day therefore the amount of seconds in a day is 60 * 60 * 24 = 86400. Using this you can take the amount of seconds in x days;
x * 86400

You can subtract this number from the current time stamp. tick() - (x * 86400) and then pass that number to which will return a number. If the current date of today is equal to the current date of the time stamp from when they joined then it is their anniversary!!


I could be wrong, but didn’t you make a post on the same topic of a person join date and checking if it matches? If it’s the same thing then you have a solution already, if not please correct me.

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to add on once more, you might want to check if their age is > 0 if this is for like a reward, since a player can use an alt since new accounts would have age 0 and 0%365 = 0


The question was slightly different (join date rather than birth date this time) but the same logic should’ve been able to be applied in this scenario.

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Here’s something you could use:

local Player         = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer;
local Age            = Player.AccountAge;
local isAnniversary  = function(age)
    if (age == 0) or (age % 365 == 0) then
        print("He joined today!");
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