Is there an API to see a user's created experiences?

Hello there!

I’m trying to make a plugin that will let you organize your Roblox games/experiences into categories. The problem is, I don’t know the endpoint for getting a user’s created games. The Roblox API page doesn’t list this endpoint anywhere. Can somebody tell me it?

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Yes there is.!/Games/get_v2_users_userId_games


Thanks! But can you still use game.Players.LocalPlayer to get the person using Studio if it’s a plugin? If not, how would i do that?

No, but you can use StudioService:GetUserId to get the user id from a plugin.

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Oh ok, cool, thanks a lot!!!

How can I get all of the user’s games, rather than just getting their most recent 10?

You can set the limit.


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I know, but how can I do it with GetAsync?

^^ (Assuming you already know how to use the Api!?)

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Ah, thanks. I was trying to use headers for some reason.

Is there also any way I can get the games icon? If not, it’s fine, just I think it would look good.

Check solution on the above ^

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Hey, sorry for the bump, but I always get a CORS error when trying this in JS. Does anyone know a way to fix?

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