Is there an easier way to place parts in the middle?

whenever I manually move the parts… rarely does the final result in it being 100% accurate. Which can be rather frustrating at times!:sweat:

I was wondering if there were any particular plugins or formulas I could use to decrease time consumption?

I have no idea what you’re asking for. Middle of what? Please provide more information on what you’re trying to do.

If you set the position of some part to the same position of another by using the properties panel, it will always be moved to the exact center of that part.


I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but here’s a quick command line technique to place a part between two others:

part.CFrame =, 0.5), partB.Position)

This works by interpolating (AKA “Lerp”) between two parts by 50%. The first argument of the CFrame constructor creates a Vector3 between partA and partB using Lerp, and then the second argument of the constructor points it towards the position of partB.

I’ve never used the cmd bar before so I’m not entirely sure if you’ve resolved my problem and I just need to get familiar with using cmd bar or if you’ve misinterpreted what I was asking.

First attempt. wasn’t a success.

This can also be achieved by duplicating the part I believe unless I’ve mistaken. I was asking specifically for positioning the part directly in the middle of the map, for example: This.

To do that, simply set the X and Z positions both to 0.


If you’re taking about tools, try or the Transform tool (Ctrl+5) which combines the move, size and rotate tool.
It also has a snap feature (once selected, click the gui circle thing at the top left of your screen then click on a surface).

I’ll be sure to try this later tonight, thank you.

By any chance will this method work with more complex builds for example: placing a part in the middle of triangular terrain.

The Position property is known as “world” space (as opposed to “local” space). In other words, it is not relative to other parts in the game. A position of 0 is always in the same place.

Thus, it won’t matter what else is in your map. However, you might have to change the Y position based on the height of the triangle terrain. The Y axis is the UP/DOWN position.

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I suggest F3X if you want to make things simple, of course it’s not perfect but provides a basic layout and all properties needed for advanced building, it also has some nice shortcuts. You can do what you need using this plugin by pressing Z and putting 0 in each axis. You can also adjust the increments for movement, stretch and rotation, I suggest 0.1.