Is there an easy way to change core animations during the game?

Right now I’m finding rudimentary ways to change the core animations in my game - as part of an ability, players can go into an “Animal” mode where the idle animations are changed to a crawl stance as well as the walk animation to a crawling animation. It’s simple to change the animation ID of the respected animation, however, players would have to stop the original animations through means such as stop running to stop the original animation and vice versa with the idle animation.

Below is my attempt of this, this is on the client side:


I have a feeling I would need to mess with and override the core animation script of the character but I would like to avoid that, anyone with suggestions?

This is also my first dev forum post so I do apologise if the format I used is incorrect.


Well,you can stop the default roblox animations from playing!


I attempted to use this (through Humanoid:GetPlayingAnimationTracks()) but it doesn’t continue the new animation. Thanks for the help though!

You could fork the animate script by copy and pastingthe one in a character. Then, put the modified version into StarterCharacter, and it will override the default one. With a few modifications, you can make it easier to interact with the animate local script.

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I thought I would have to do this, I would need to read further on animations as my programming skills are relatively limited. Thank you!

Roblox offers a ton of built in stuff. If you do not like it, or are unhappy with it, you can always make your own system. Glad I could help.

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