Is there an way to teleport all players with Cframe?

Teleporting all players with cframe?

Just loop through all the players and set their character’s cframe?

There’s no efficient way to teleport all players using CFrame unless you already have a list of all the player character’s you want to teleport. Otherwise you’d need to loop through all of the players using the Players Service specifically Players:GetPlayers().

After getting all of the players you would then need to check if the player has a Character. If not then either skip them or perhaps wait for them to get a character. Afterwards, you can look for the HumanoidRootPart inside of the Character Model and set the CFrame to the CFrame you’d like to teleport them to.

local players = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayers() --Gets a table of players in game
for i = 1, #players do --Loops through all the players in table
   local plr = players[i] --Gets the player instance with index number of i in the table
   local char = plr.char or plr.CharacterAdded:Wait() --Checks for the player's character, otherwise waits for the character to load
   char:SetPrimaryPartCFrame("Add the CFrame coordinates here")) --Sets the CFrame of the character model (Humanoid Root Part)

I guess you can try this