Is there any addons similar to the Replay Mod in Minecraft for Studio?

If you haven’t heard of the replay mod, It’s basically a Minecraft mod where in you can record the whole area of a game, which then can be replayed in different angles. Here’s a video.

(Not the best example, But gives you the idea.)
As you can see the camera angles are changing. Is there any addons, to do this in game, preferably in Studio? I know Shift - P exists, but I’ll have to loose control of my character. It would be a great help if any of you know a similar addon. Or if there isn’t any feel free to make an addon. Though for people who are finding it, There is blender, but I haven’t played around it personally.

I found a similar post from @boatbomber. It’s something like this but its for multiple cameras and also in studio or in game.

Thanks for reading :smiley: