Is there any better way to view MicroProfiler information?

The MicroProfiler on Roblox is absolutely terrible. I finally thought I could get some more information out of it, finding debug:profilebegin() and such, but while now most of my scripts have debug labels, gasp, I still cannot locate them anywhere in the microprofiler. the ‘Timer’ mode that I was viewing, since the default ‘Detailed’ mode is about as easy to read as a poem on the sun, also simply stopped… displaying like anything. Any group other than GPU simply doesn’t exist, apparently!

It is literally impossible for me to figure out how to navigate this system. It’s so obtuse. I know I can “dump” the info with it, but the button doesn’t seem to… do anything? upon clicking, and I both don’t know where to find the dump nor know how actually useful it’d be once I’ve found it.

Does anyone know of like a replacement to this incompetent system? I need to analyze the performance of my game without spending an hour figuring out how to use the MicroProfiler every time.

Stupid thing doesn’t even close properly. If you turn it off from it’s own menu, the option in F9 and Esc menus will say they’re still on until you re-toggle it. What a broken, stupid system. Surely there is a better way!

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