Is there any explanation for this?

Hi! look; If i kill one dummy and there is another one behind it, I CANT hit it UNTIL I move the mouse at least 1 pixel, and then I can hit him…


Its like the bullet’s Touched event doenst recognize the body or the white transparent hitbox, the bullet passes through this Parts and hit the back mountain

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Its possible you have this inside a mouse.Move signal, I would loop this rather than only have the target update when the mouse has been moved.

Wait you are using a .Touched event for fast bullet hit detection?

.Touched is unreliable because of how the physics engine works.

It’s possible the bullet will just phase and pass through the part instead of actually colliding and touching the part in a phenomenon known as tunneling @0Shank. This seems to be happening for your bullets until you move it through the center of the dummy where the wall is the most thick where it has a chance of detecting the bullet.

This is the reason people will use fastcast and why it’s the most popular resource there is.

Edit: Otherwise, try slowing down the speed of your projectiles, or increasing hitbox size if you still want to work with the .Touched method.


hi! yes raycast is better but this game isnt even that pro, I hate the “.Touched” things but it works fine, except for this one thing; I can hit the dummy 5 times and kill it, but the dummy behind I can’t hit it even 30 seconds later idk… UNTIL I MOVE THE MOUSE 1cm, thats what I dont understand

Hi! no I dont have this inside a mouse.Move. The problem here is that I can hit the dummy 5 times and kill him, but the dummy behind I can’t hit it even 30 seconds later , the bullet passes through the body part and the hitbox like nothing, and then hit back mountain… At least that I move the view in any direction, then the bullet can hit the hitbox perfectly without reason :cold_sweat:

Hard to figure out what’s wrong without seeing any code :slight_smile: